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Gerald Lushington Technical Writing / Proofreading Services

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High Quality Technical Writing and Proofreading

Expertise in the written word for collaboration, communication, training and advocacy

  • Technical documentation, specifications, protocols, reports
  • Customized proposals, statements of work
  • Development of technical training material geared toward technical and non-technical audiences
  • Survey development, deployment, analysis
  • Thoughtful and detail oriented proofreading
  • Formatting, aesthetic optimization and graphic design

Our philosophy is that the written word can be crafted for technical purposes in a manner that adheres to the required formats, obeys discipline-specific mores, conveys a clear and relevant message, and is enjoyable to read.  If your clients, partners, contractors, collaborators (or whomever) like to read your communiques, then surely that will be good for your venture, right?

This technical writing service is affiliated with Lushington in Silico, Gerald Lushington consulting.  which is focused on scientific computing, simulations, data mining and visualization for chemical biomedical and biotechnology applications.  If you have interests in this area, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll redirect you accordingly.

Please check out our light-hearted but informative blog on current issues relating to technical and scientific writing.  This blog illustrates a bit of our underlying philosophy when it comes to stringing words together, but also illustrates some key writing issues as well as resources for improving composition.  The latest entry discusses my thoughts arising from a recent request that I fulfilled to provide a detailed critique on several chapters of Silverman's Organic Chemistry of Drug Design and Drug Action.